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Coffee machine maintenance

Service technician call in case of failure (includes delivery and 30 min work) 40 €
Defect or machine fault detection 40 €
Water filter replacement 40 €
Maintenance technician call during non-working hours (includes delivery and 30 min work) 80 €
General maintenance of the coffee machine (inspection and adjustment of the machine) 80 €
We serve existing customers as a matter of priority.

Leho Lemmats

Service Technician

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Jordan Vähesoo

Business client sales manager

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Coffee and coffee breaks are an important part of our workday and office culture. The coffee corner is often the heart of the office: you meet colleagues at the coffee machine, exchanging impressions and ideas. Coffee is a nice refreshment in the middle of the day and improves productivity. High-quality specialty coffee and a good coffee machine in the office ensure a pleasant working atmosphere..

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